ANCHI Bath Crystals; 8 oz. in organza bag

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ANCHI Bath Crystals; 8 oz. in 4 X 6 inch organza pouch
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ANCHI Bath Crystals; 8 oz. in 4 X 6 inch organza pouch
   1/4 to 1/2 inch pieces
Experience the luxury of a mineral hot spring in the comfort of your own home.  Simply place the pouch in the tub as you run the water - then relax and enjoy the regenerative energy of an ANCHI bath!

ANCHI Crystals carry some of the Earth’s original life-building patterns. They naturally balance the living electromagnetic field and protect it from detrimental influences. Informal testing with software designed to analyze chakras and energy fields demonstrated that ANCHI Crystals have a balancing effect on the human energy field. Other informal testing using Voice Analysis demonstrated the power of ANCHI Crystals to balance the human voice print—to enable the expression of missing tones in the voice.(Missing tones have been correlated with aging and ill health.) 

ANCHI Crystals were tested at St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia and documented to influence the molecular structure of water. Subsequent testing at Penn State University verified these findings. The electromagnetic field surrounding ANCHI Crystals is powerful enough to induce the ormus state in some of the minerals in the water—almost immediately. 

Each place on Earth has its own geomagnetic field with a distinguishing set of characteristics—like a fingerprint. In rare instances, the geomagnetic pattern is so strong that it transfers the characteristics of that site into the minerals of the area. A unique geo-imprint distinguishes ANCHI Crystals from other minerals in the world. The geological site where ANCHI Crystals are found has been dated to be about 1.6 billion years old. This places their formation at the first stage of Earth’s geological history. (By contrast, the Himalayas are only 55 million years old.) The geological formation represents a community of over 50 different minerals, including tourmaline, mica, lepidolite, beryl, topaz, and quartz. ANCHI Crystals are a perfect combination when used with ocean salts and laminar crystal. Together, they provide the full complement of life-enhancing programs. They structure water, create ormus, and draw hydrogen into water.

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