Activated Salt Blend - Now with Bamboo salt!

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1 lb. bag of 7 unprocessed salts from around the world
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1 lb. bag Activated Salt Blend - Now with Bamboo salt!
Salts from the ocean have many benefits. They contain living organic complexes that support the DNA and metabolic functions in ways we do not yet fully appreciate.Dancing with Water’s Activated Salt Blend is a unique blend of 7 moist, unprocesssed salts from around the world. It is a beautiful way to re-mineralize water while experiencing some of the world’s finest natural salts. No matter what your source of water, these salts will add energetic value and a balance of trace minerals--many in their ormus state. Activated Salt Blend is not intended as a table salt. It is moist salt and it is not granulated. When it is used to make a saturated salt solution, it can be added to soups and other dishes for a meal charged with ormus.
Himalayan Pink Salt is world-renowned. It is known as a “Jurassic” salt, formed during from ancient sea beds that were pushed up into the mountain range and preserved by a layer of volcanic ash.
Celtic Sea Salt* is a moist, grey, organic sea salt sustainably harvested from the pristine shores of the Atlantic Ocean and dried by the sun and wind. It has a rustic old-world flavor authenticated by the highest level of certification.
French Grey Salt* “Sel Gris,” is known for its color and high moisture content. It gets its beautiful grey color from the clay lining the salt ponds. It is harvested using ancient Celtic methods and wooden tools.
Korean Sea Salt* is produced at the Taepyeong Salt Field and Mud flat along Korea’s West coast—designated as a biosphere reserve. Fifteen steps to the production process result in repeated purification. This milky white salt is prized for its minerals and for its culinary flavor.
Redmond Real Salt is harvested from an ancient inland sea. Over time, the salt that settled at the bottom of the sea was trapped within the earth and eventually pushed up near the surface close to the town of Redmond, Utah.
Hawaiian Sea Salt* is the traditional Hawaiian table salt. It is famous for the volcanic baked red clay that gives it its distinctive red color and mellow, earthy flavor.

Bamboo salt* is an ormus-rich, therapeutic salt made in Korea using a process developed over 1000 years ago by Buddhist monks. It transforms sea salt into a highly bio-available nutrient with therapeutic properties.The process begins with sun-dried sea salt from the Korean Bay which is packed into bamboo stalks. Next, the bamboo is sealed with a local mineral-rich yellow clay. Salt-filled bamboo stalks are then roasted at 1600°C, using wood from the local region. This process is repeated nine times and can take three years to complete. Each time the salt is roasted, impurities are burned off and nutrients from the bamboo and the clay are assimilated into the salt. Repeated roasting gathers and concentrates ormus elements. One of the things ormus has been reported to do is to interact with DNA in a manner that opens the way for an organism to return to its original genetic blueprint.  
Watch a 2-minute video on the process in South Korea here:

  *Celtic Sea Salt, French Grey Salt, Korean Salt, Hawaiian Salt and Bamboo salt come from the ocean. With the condition of the oceans, many have asked: Are these salts still safe? While the oceans have been severely compromised, and while food from the ocean is generally not safe, salt is a different issue. Think about how salt lamps purify the air by releasing an abundance of negative ions. Negative ions neutralize contaminants— even radiolytic compounds whose decay produces positively-charged ions. The warm, moist environment in salt holding areas causes salt to ionize and to release negative ions—lots of them—and that’s an understatement! During the time that it takes salt to crystallize prior to harvest, most contaminants are neutralized by negative ions or oxidized by the sun. Beyond that, the natural ecology of a healthy salt pond helps to keep contaminants to a minimum. For the most part, unprocessed sea salts are still safe for consumption and for remineralizing/energizing your water.

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