Adya Clarity 32 oz. water purification solution

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concentrated ionic minerals extracted from biotite mica
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Adya Clarity 32 oz.   Concentrated ionic minerals for water purification
(treats 192 gallons at the recommended rate)
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Adya Clarity is an oxidant and a coagulant that neutralizes contaminants and gathers them together for removal by simple filtration. It significantly reduces or eliminates over 250 contaminants, including heavy metals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals,and fluoride. Read more about how Adya Clarity works.

How to use Adya Clarity
To remove contaminants:  Add 1 tsp of Adya Clarity mineral concentrate to each gallon of water. Within seconds you can often see contaminants that have been inactivated (oxidized) begin to gather in a cloudy haze. Once contaminants have been inactivated and had a chance to settle (this can take a few minutes to 24 hours depending on the degree of contamination) the water can be filtered using any simple carbon-based filter.*  
To remove fluoride from water:  Add 1 tsp of Adya Clarity to 1 gallon of water. Let this sit for 24 hours before filtering.* Adya Clarity removes fluoride in two ways: Adsorption to aluminum hydroxide (then filtered out) and ion exchange where the sulfate ion causes the fluoride ion to be released, leaving fluoride to associate with existing calcium in the water and/or to evaporate as a gas. Calcium fluoride is over 80 times less toxic than sodium fluoride.
As a vegetable wash:  Add 1 Tbsp Adya Clarity to a gallon  of water* and soak fruits and vegetables for 5 minutes. This draws pesticides and other contaminants from deep within food for a thorough cleanse. This same solution can be used over and over again for several weeks before discarding.
In the bath – use 3 or more Tbsp per bath.* Soak as long as you can or until the bath gets cold. Wonderful for removing toxins through the skin.
In a spa or Jacuzzi – Adya Clarity will eliminate the need for chlorine and other disinfection chemicals.  In a 500 gallon Jacuzzi, add 2-3 quarts of Adya Clarity – depending on your water. No need to change the water – just add more Adya Clarity after 6-8 months.*

 If you live in an area where the water has little natural alkalinity (East coast and Northwest coast in the US –and typically in areas where the soil pH is below 7.0) the addition of bicarbonates will assure that the reaction is complete. 

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