Aquamarine (set of 2 stones)

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2 small stones - approximately 1/2 inch
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Aquamarine (2 stones;  approximately 1/2 inch)  
Imagine sitting by a waterfall; this is the energy of drinking aquamarine water. Drinking aquamarine water brings deep relaxation and liquidity to mind and body while heightening the awareness of truth. It can be especially beneficial for those who have reached a plateau in their spiritual development. Aquamarine reflects the inner ocean of knowledge and wisdom and helps each individual connect with who they really are. Aquamarine also connects the heart and the mind; it is helpful for those who feel they have been "shut down" emotionally.  

Aquamarine can vary in color from pale sea-green to deep blue. It can be clear (gem Quality and very expensive) or it can be more amorphous. Gem quality is lovely but not necessary to imprint your water with the calming energy of aquamarine. This aquamarine is not gem quality but these pieces are a beautiful blue color and they have a soft, feminine energy.  
Place aquamarine stones in or around around water. You may also amplify by placing these small pieces in a quartz tube (see accessories below)