Azumar (set of 2 stones (approx. 1/4 to 3/8 inch size)

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Azumar is a newly discovered stone (Feb 2013) that structures water and carries codes for joyful living
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Azumar (set of 2 stones (approx. 1/4 to 3/8 inch size)
Made of quartz and kaolinite, Azumar has a light robin’s egg blue hue containing waves of color from light green-blue to deep teal, depending on the trace mineral content.

 It is no accident that this newly discovered stone (2013) resonates with water and that it awakens ancient codes for joyful living. Robert Simmons, author of the book, Stones of the New Consciousness says of Azumar:
There is an unmistakable watery feel to the flow of Azumar’s currents, …that energy transforms the body’s inner ocean to a moving sea of rhythmic bliss. It is as if the liquid within us comes alive with joy and enhanced awareness. …It’s currents wash through the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix, bringing refreshment, joy and rejuvenation to every cell. …This is one of the most powerful stones I have encountered for personal evolution and the enhancement of consciousness.

On a physical level, Azumar supports changes in our evolving DNA as it restructures the water within the entire body. From this perspective, Azumar accelerates change and helps the body to assimilate new “Earth information” being transmitted by the Earth and Sun.

On an emotional level, Azumar supports the release of anger, fear, frustration and other lower emotions, replacing these with serenity, confidence and joy. Azumar stabilizes emotional trauma by raising the frequency of the body’s internal water. Long-held emotional patterns that are no longer necessary for a person’s evolution, can more easily be dissolved and released.

On a spiritual level, Azumar connects us with the joyful flow of life. Azumar promises to teach us how to be like a drop of water—individual yet “at one” in the ocean of life.

According to Robert Simmons, Azumar is an Earth Spirit stone helping individuals to feel and harmonize with planetary consciousness. It aids the joyful expression of one’s deepest truth and encourages communion with the Soul of the Earth.  

Azumar and Water
Azumar comes at a perfect time to assist in our awakening. The stone is grounded in the Earth’s water. It assists in the conscious connection with water and it also assists in connecting us with the entire natural world. In the authors’ experience, the longer a person works with Azumar and/or drinks water infused with its energy, the more they become connected with the natural way of things—the joyful flow of life. Azumar is a stone for our time—awakening us to joyful living through our connection with the natural flow of water and of all life.

How to use Azumar to structure/enhance water
Azumar has an almost immediate effect on water’s structure.  Azumar exposes water to wave-like pulsations that rapidly organize water’s energy field bringing a refined molecular structure and codes for joyful living to the water. Drinking water made with Azumar structures the water in the human body and carries ancient codes for joyful living deep into the cellular matrix. The body responds with relaxation and a feeling of joy.

Two small stones spaced on opposite sides of a water vessel and left for several hours or overnight will infuse the energy of Azumar into structured water. You can amplify the energy using quartz crystals, a Tensor Ring, triskelions, or orgonite. The combination of orgonite and a Tensor Ring, amplify and protect the developing energy field. 

NOTE: It is best not to place azumar directly in water. Some pieces contain an occasional bit of stibnite (grey color) that is toxic when placed in water.