Blue Glass Water Bottle (3/4 liter - 750 ml)

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Durable, cobalt blue glass bottle with sand blasted symbol (Celtic Triskelion) & swing top lid
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Blue Glass Water Bottle - 3/4 liter (with triskelion) Swing top lid for tight closure

There are a number of reasons why blue glass water bottles are excellent containers for your personal water.  Symbols can have a powerful effect on water as we have seen from Dr. Emoto’s work. One of the most powerful symbols for water is the Triskelion (discussed in the book Dancing with Water).  The Triskelion is an ancient symbol found in many places. It sets up an energy flow based on mathematics and geometry that creates energetic vortices. This symbol provides high-frequency enhancement for water.

Cobalt blue glass is one of the most supportive materials for water. Glass is made of silicon dioxide (quartz) which has the same molecular geometry as water. Even though glass is not technically crystalline, some level of crystalline geometry exists at the molecular level. This helps to support the liquid crystalline molecular structure of water. The deep blue color maintains a somewhat dark environment for water and it favors the blue light spectrum.  Water made in blue bottles and set in the sun is sometimes referred to as Blue Solar Water and is reported to help clear emotional wounds and blockages. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len describe the technique in their book, Zero Limits.

Made of durable, break resistant, Italian glass;
Capacity: 3/4 liter (750 ml);  
Leak-proof, BPA-free lid; 
Measures 10.75" with a 3.5" diameter base;
Deeply sandblasted triskelion; etched in USA