Charging Plate

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Orgonite Charging Plate (measures 7 inch diameter X 3/8 inches)
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Charging Plate – for water, food or supplements
Measures 7 inches X 3/8 inches   

Life force is a coherent, organizing energy.  When concentrated using orgonite, it creates a potent energy field. Orgonite is a term used to describe objects made with layers of organic and inorganic materials for the purpose of dispelling negative energy and concentrating life force. The term comes from the word “orgone,” coined by Wilhelm Reich in the 1940s. Reich found that layering transforms negative energy. Smaller particles create more layers and increase the capacity to attract life force and dispel negative energy.  The blend in our orgonite mix contains: iron oxide powder, copper powder, mica flakes, quartz sand, paramagnetic rock powder, and other components. 

The charging plate design is referred to as the "Water Mandala" designed by an intuitive artist. It is reminiscent of the cymatic patterns water reveals when exposed to beneficial sound frequencies, and reminiscent of the free spirit of water. The Charging Plate incorporates one tiny, Russian diamond in the center, and a Tensor Ring embedded in the orgonite. Diamonds have an extremely pure and potent resonance tuned to higher consciousness. When placed in water, rough diamonds bring structure and the full spectrum of light to water. One way to “temper” the potent energy of diamonds is with the use of gold which helps the physical body to integrate the energy. Gold leaf (24-carat)has been included in the charging plate. 

The Tensor ring, rediscovered by Slim Spurling, is a closed loop coil. When  made to certain specifications, these devices amplify subtle energy and create a toroidal vortex—a region of rotating movement – where the flow takes on a doughnut (toroid) shape. Tensor rings structure water and create a column of protective energy. Anything that is placed within the energetic column is protected from outside negativity. 

Use the orgonite charging plate to structure water and to protect it from EMFs and other negative forms of energy.