Crystal Energy (4 oz. bottle)

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Crystal Energy (4 oz. bottle)
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Crystal Energy (4 oz. bottle)

Dr. Patrick Flanagan discovered silica could be made to form tiny molecular cages that would attract and hold hydrogen (see Dancing with Water pg 80). He developed several hydrogen-rich products including the liquid concentrate known as Crystal Energy. Crystal Energy is an aqueous blend of silica and other salts. Its addition to water creates a matrix that grabs available hydrogen. It is a powerful tool for the creation of hydrogen-rich water.

Crystal Energy is promoted as a detox formula. It is not marketed as a hydrogen-rich product. However, the reason it works for detoxification is because water becomes hydrogen-rich when Crystal Energy is added. Hydrogen is the premier antioxidant—the foundation of a good detox program. The liver (the organ of detoxification) uses more hydrogen than any other organ. Additional hydrogen allows the body to rid itself of many wastes.*

Structured water makes Crystal Energy even more potent. When Crystal Energy is added to water that is already structured, it becomes even more hydrogen-rich. This is because structured water contains more ionic hydrogen. If allowed to stand, the dilution continues to attract hydrogen from the atmosphere. When used with structured water and allowed to mature overnight, a few drops of Crystal Energy go a long way.

To make hydrogen-rich water with Crystal Energy, structure your water first. Add 1 or 2 drops of Crystal Energy to each quart of water and allow the water to sit for 6-8 hours or overnight. When the water is structured and allowed to mature, you will need less than the recommended amount.

Other ways to use Crystal Energy:
After-shower Mist
—Crystal Energy is an ideal way to add hydrogen through the skin. Add 2-3 drops to 4 ounces of structured water and spray on after a shower. (Use it up quickly or add an additional 2-3 drops of Crystal Energy every several days. Store refrigerated in glass.)

Hydrogen-rich Bath—Make a gallon of hydrogen-rich water (20-40 drops in a gallon of structured water allowed to stand overnight) and pour this in a bath – not too hot. Soak for 20-30 minutes. You may want to add salts to your bathwater for additional therapeutic benefits.

Hydrogen-rich Inhalator—Prepare a salt inhalator (available from Squip on the internet) with hydrogen-rich water to alleviate many symptoms of respiratory distress. Add several drops of Crystal Energy to very warm water and place inside the inhalator. Use for 5-10 minutes a day. This procedure takes hydrogen directly into the lungs where it can support many respiratory conditions.

Hydrogen-rich Neti Pot—Next time you have a sinus infection, try using a neti pot with the addition of Crystal Energy to create a hydrogen-rich sinus rinse. Place 2-3 drops of Crystal Energy in 1 cup of warm salt water. Rinse sinuses daily.

*The Dance with Water is not complete without hydrogen. However, the addition of hydrogen is not a beginner’s step. Too much hydrogen-rich water, too fast, will cause a cleansing crisis. Hydrogen works first on the physical body but in time, hydrogen supports the cleansing and renewal of the subtle bodies too. Hydrogen is the smallest element—so small that when it is energized (in an ormus state) it is capable of moving inter-dimensionally. When you are ready, energize your hydrogen-rich water with ANCHI Crystals, laminar crystal, Tensor Rings, and Triskelions.