EMF Protection Angle

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Protects water from EMFs that are common with grounded water lines
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EMF Protection Angle (by Plocher in Germany)

The EMF Protection Angle reduces the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields produced by electrical currents and appliances in the home. According to German research, it repolarizes harmful radiation, turning it into more beneficial radiation. It is possible to demonstrate the action of the EMF Protection Angle by using bioenergetic or kinesiology measurements.

Directions for Use:
Attach the EMF Protection Angle to the exterior of the power cable entering the fuse box, otherwise directly on the outside of the box. (Never place inside the box where there are live wires.) A second Protection Angle may also be placed on the water pipe entering the building to keep your water free from electromagnetic pollution coming from either the ground wire that is often attached to it, or from electric wires touching the pipes or from a water pump submerged in a well. If you are unable to treat the whole house, you can put an EMF Protection Angle on a multiple extension cord to remediate the radiation from plugged appliances. One EMF Protection Angle can neutralize a 200-amp electric panel. (The average home rarely uses more than 100 amps at once.) However, if the usage is stronger (due to special equipment or a high-drain electric heating system) the installation of two EMF Protection Angles is recommended to ensure adequate protection.