Flaska glass water bottle (comes in .5 and .75 liter size with cork protective sleeve)

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Flaska clear glass water bottle with cork protective sleeve (two sizes available)
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Flaska water bottle with cork protective sleeve (two sizes available)
Flaska (pronounced flash’ka) is a clear glass bottle designed in Slovenia to structure water using resonance technology. The technology called TPS (technology for programming silicon) is a process that imprints the quartz in the glass with high frequency vibratory information from Nature. When placed inside, water develops coherent domains of structured water. Flaska bottles are guaranteed to hold their imprint for 4+ years depending on the degree of exposure to electromagnetic fields. 

Flaska water bottles are ideal for those who travel. The half liter bottle (10.75 X 2.5 inches) fits easily into a car cup holder. It can also be easily carried in a purse through airport security and filled on the plane or shortly after arrival. The 3/4 liter bottle is slightly longer with wider diameter (12 X 3 inches). 
The bottle is made of thick, Italian glass for a sturdier – more resilient bottle. It comes with a cork sleeve (sustainably produced) for further protection from minor bumps and falls, and cork lid for no-leak closure. The cork sleeve includes a handy carrying loop and the Dancing with Water logo--a symbol of the partnership between water and humanity that results in a beautiful expression of freedom in motion.

 Note: Electromagnetic radiation from microwaves, cell phones, wi-fi, computers etc. will eventually degrade the programming in the glass. To protect programming as long as possible, do not wash your Flaska bottle in a dishwasher or leave it in the vicinity of devices that emit strong electromagnetic radiation (e.g. a working microwave oven, a mobile or wireless phone while turned on, a computer, or fluorescent lighting).

While we do not recommend putting tap water in the Flaska bottle, there is some evidence that water with impurities is made more biologically compatible after an hour or longer in the bottle. Cork caps eventually wear out (9-12 months with continual use) and need to be replaced. Replacement cork caps are available.