Harmonic Creation Field Trio (a set of 3 Tensor Rings)

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Tensor Wand - copper (approximately 9.75 inches )
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Harmonic Creation Field Trio - a set of 3 Tensor Rings  (sold only as a set)
Approximate diameters: 8.5, 7.5 and 6.5 inches

In 2018, the authors of Dancing with Water introduced a set of three Tensor Rings that function based on harmonic resonance. Referred to as the Harmonic Creation Field Trio, the set of Rings establishes a nested toroidal field that resonates with the universal creative field of energy. Water placed in the resonating field can enhance the ability to utilize the bio-regenerative frequencies inherent in the Earth’s biological energy field. 

Harmonic resonance has been defined in many ways. Technically, it is a series of frequencies related as integer multiples of an initial note. But it has also been defined as an organizing force. Read more about harmonic resonance.

Together, the three Rings create a frequency "chord" that augments the expression of each individual Ring.The “base frequency”  in the Harmonic Creation Field chord is the Earth Resonance frequency, brought in by the innermost and smallest Tensor Ring. The Earth Resonance Ring (also sold separately) vibrates with the Earth’s central core and with the Earth’s natural energy field. It grounds water, strengthening and refining its connection to the core energy of the Earth. This Ring creates the foundation on which the chord is built. The next larger Ring in the trio is called the Golden Fire Ring; it carries frequencies that restore water’s original life-supporting blueprint. The outer Ring of the Trio is referred to as the Regeneration Ring. This Ring is aligned with the bio-regenerative frequencies of the Earth’s creative center. It strengthens water’s ability to support natural and ongoing regeneration. Regular consumption of water treated with The Harmonic Creation Field Rings gradually clears chaotic vibrations and attracts life force from the Earth’s bio-regenerative field; it cleanses, repairs and prepares us on many levels to move back to the center of our being—with less interference from forces that attempt to keep us disconnected. Balance and regeneration can begin to emerge from the chaos and disconnection the human race has experienced for eons.

The Harmonic Creation Field Trio works in tandem with each individual’s intention. Your energetic input enlivens and directs the energy field, providing additional information so the resulting water is tailored to your personal needs and/or the needs of your family. 

The Ring Trio is Ideal when used in conjunction with many of the Earth’s stones which add frequencies that build on the original chord. ANCHI Crystals are an obvious choice since they hold many of the Earth’s original life-building patterns.

The Harmonic Creation Field Trio is also ideal when used in conjunction with the Water Cradle. These nested energy fields can completely change the energetics in a room; the combination creates water that is even more easily programmed than using the Water Cradle alone.


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