Introductory Kit #1

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Introductory Kit #1 includes a 1 lb. bag of activated, unprocessed salts for structuring and re-mineralizing water; a Vortex Magnetizer, and a Tensor Ring (1/2 cubit); with instructions for use.
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Introductory Kit #1
Introductory Kit #1 includes the basic tools for making simple structured water: 

 1.  Minerals (salts) 
 2.  Vortex Magnetizer
 3.  Tensor Ring 

Activated Salt Blend
The Activated Salt Blend contains the full spectrum of minerals for making a dynamically charged saturated salt solution to balance, structure and/or re-mineralize water. It is a combination of 7 moist, unprocessed salts from around the world. Each salt brings its own energetic fingerprint. Read more about the individual salts in the blend

Vortex Magnetizer (VM)
This simple tool which fits a variety of different bottles, creates a vortex as water passes through a field-reversing magnetic array. Within minutes, it transforms ion-rich water into living water with an organized molecular matrix. Each time water spins through the VM, a greater degree of cooperation/coherence is established among water molecules. (bottles not included with the kit). Read more about the VM

Tensor Ring
Tensor Rings are closed loop coils, discovered by Slim Spurling. Originally called Light-Life Rings, they create an invisible column of energy. These simple tools a powerful effect on water and thus, on living biology. They structure water and also protect it from EMFs and other energetic disturbances.
When water passes through the energetic column of a Tensor Ring, its molecular structure becomes more organized. Chlorine and other impurities are released, pH is more balanced, hard water minerals (those too large to be held within the structure of the water) drop out of solution, and the taste of the water generally improves. The longer water sits inside a Tensor Ring, the more refined its molecular structure becomes. Read more about Tensor Rings