Laminar Crystal Orbs (Set of 3)

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Laminar Crystal Orbs (Set of 3) approximately 3/4 inch in diameter NOW with 24-carat edible, gold leaf
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Laminar Crystal Orbs (Set of 3)  Now with 24-carat edible gold leaf

Crystals are capacitors. They accumulate and discharge energy. The nature of a crystal and its molecular configuration determine what specific energies it is “tuned” to accumulate. Muscovite mica is a flat (laminar) crystal. It is tuned to many frequencies that support life on Earth. The extensive layering magnifies its energetic potential. When mica is mixed with ceramic clay and fired, the clay becomes a part of the mica matrix. Many of the elements in laminar crystal are thrust into a high spin state referred to as ormus. They are then capable of inducing the ormus state in many of the elements in water.

Most laminar crystal is made only with mica and clay. Dancing with Water's Laminar Crystal Orbs are made by mixing food-safe ceramic clay with special deposits of muscovite mica and edible, 24-carat gold leaf before firing. The resulting product is similar to the material thought to originally encase the capstone of the Great Pyramid in Egypt (thought to be topped with gold). Laminar crystal gathers many natural Earth frequencies that can be held in water and delivered as water is consumed. Laminar Crystal Orbs can store a tremendous amount of energy—the result of millions of layers stacked and resonating together. As one particle discharges, it charges other particles so that the energy continually re-charges the entire matrix.
Laminar crystal brings structure, life force, and hydrogen to water. When placed in or around water, Laminar Crystal Orbs excite individual elements in the water and heighten their energetic potential. Place 3 Laminar Crystal Orbs in a pitcher of water and leave overnight or longer before consumption. Laminar crystal is ideal when used in combination with ocean salts and ANCHI Crystals.