Miron Violet Glass water bottle (1 Liter )

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The Miron violet glass water bottle is ideal for storing structured water (measures 11 inches in height (with cap) by 3 inches in diameter)
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Miron Violet Glass Water Bottle (1 liter; with plastic cap) 

Miron Violet Glass produced in the Netherlands, is perfect for preserving the life force of water and other preparations. Compared with amber (brown glass), blue, green and clear glass, the deep violet Miron glass provides protection from the visible spectrum of light while it preserves water's liquid crystalline structure.

Sunlight enables plants to grow. However, if plants continue to be exposed to the sun after reaching maturity, the process of decay is accelerated. The same is true of water. Sunlight is energizing (for short periods of time as water moves) but when water is still, prolonged exposure to light eventually begins to degrade water’s liquid crystalline structure. Miron violet glass works like a natural filter to block the visible spectrum of light allowing only the violet and infra-red rays of the light spectrum to penetrate. For storage of structured water, the Miron violet glass water bottle is wonderful. It is ideal for daily use as you travel.

Tests with water, honey, spirulina and other foods have determined the energizing effects of Miron violet glass.  Read more about Miron glass

The thread pattern on the Miron violet glass bottle matches the Vortex Magnetizer (VM) for structuring water. However, it is impossible to see the vortex in these extremely dark bottles; this makes using the VM difficult. These bottles also require a more vigorous and wider circle to create the vortex. We do not recommend them for use with the VM.

You may also be interested in a cork cap (rather than the plastic cap that comes with the Miron bottle). This may be purchased separately - see accessories below


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