Ormus Dance of Light

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8 oz. Concentrated ormus made with Bamboo Salt and other ormus-rich salts
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Ormus Dance of Light
8 oz. amber glass bottle with concentrated ormus made from bamboo salt and other ormus-rich salts. 
Ormus Dance of Light is a full-spectrum concentrated ormus activated and stabilized in structured water with a blend of ormus-rich salts from around the world, including 9X bamboo salt, and Dead Sea salt ormus dew.
In the high spin state, ormus elements become highly energized packets of light that are often elusive and difficult to contain. Water provides a structured domain within which ormus will stay as long as it is not exposed to strong electromagnetic fields or to direct sunlight.
Water can hold an abundance of ormus. Theoretically, water that is saturated with ormus is a superfluid with zero resistance to the transmission of energy and information. It may be one of the keys to the rapid transmission of signals within living organisms. Mammalian brains have been found to contain high quantities of ormus. 
Adding or awakening ormus in your water not only helps water to maintain coherent structure, when taken regularly, it has also been reported to provide benefits like those below:
? Heightened awareness
? Cell regeneration
? Increased neurotransmitter production
? Accelerated healing
To make the most of ormus Dance of Light, we recommend placing 1/2 tsp. in one half gallon of water; stir or vortex - then drink throughout the day.  Keep ORMUS away from direct sunlight and away from electromagnetic fields. 
 Take your Dance with Water to a new level and step into the Dance of Light!
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