Paramagnetic Blend (Earth Resonance Mix)
Paramagnetic Blend (Earth Resonance Mix)

Paramagnetic Blend

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Paramagnetic sand (also with magnetite sand, mica, garnet and quartz)
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Paramagnetic Blend (also referred to as Earth Resonance (ER Mix) -- includes paramagnetic sand, magnetite, quartz sand, mica (muscovite and biotite) and garnet sand.  

Paramagnetic sand has a profound influence on water. Because it has an abundance of ormus elements, it can spin other elements (especially those in water) into their high-spin state. Ormus elements exhibit paramagnetic properties. They become tiny vortexes capable of the continual gathering and transmission of energy. Their presence in the Paramagnetic Blend represents billions of tiny vortexes—each one a magnet augmenting the magnetic field. The collective force from billions of individual rock particles generates a strong magnetic field that brings structure and refinement to water. The longer the water is exposed, the more refined its structure becomes. In addition to structuring and bringing the ormus elements to a high spin state, the Paramagnetic Blend also carries the frequencies of the Earth. It is extremely helpful for bringing Earth resonance (ER) to water. Read the article on the effects of paramagnetic sand on water.

What is paramagnetic sand? 

Paramagnetic materials are weakly attracted to a magnet. They align with the direction of a magnetic field but they do not retain their alignment when the field is removed. Magnetic susceptibility is measured in µCGS units (millionths of a centimetergram-second) where CGS = the number of grams of material that will move one centimeter toward a magnet in one second. Volcanic rock (especially basalt and granite) is highly paramagnetic. These have a magnetic susceptibility reading from 200 to about 9,000 µCGS depending on the source of the rock. Paramagnetic sand in the Paramagnetic Blend comes from volcanic basalt and is between 8,000 and 9,000 µCGS.  

How to use the Paramagnetic Blend  

ER (Earth resonance) containers    (click on the tall picture above)

Create a cylinder to fit inside a canister of the Paramagnetic Blend as shown. The inner cylinder should fit the diameter of  the water vessel (as closely as possible) so that paramagnetic material approaches the water vessel closely. Voss water bottles (800 ml glass), and the 750 ml blue Skyy vodka bottle  fit nicely inside a 3-inch cardboard mailing tube. The outer tube (shown in glass above) can be made with a 4 inch mailing tube. Non-conductive materials like glass or cardboard are best to create these enclosures. Plastic and metal containers will work but they interfere with the energy field created by the Paramagnetics and are not recommended. 

This method is similar to a method first described by Dr. John Milewsky to create what was later called MEOW water—magnetite-enhanced ormus water. Although Dr. Milewsky and others use magnetite sand, the authors have found that a blend of paramagnetic sand, magnetite, quartz and mica (muscovite and biotite) works even better.  Leaving the water for several days maximizes the incorporation of Earth resonance and other qualities. These containers are ideal for the alternate method of making magnesium bicarbonate water. The water becomes very programmable and is best protected with shungite and/or Tensor Ring. Read the article on how to make an ER device

Crystal ER tubes  (click on the small picture above right)

The Paramagnetic Blend can be used to inexpensively structure the incoming water to your whole home. Ideally, fill special quartz crystal tubes that amplify the energy even further. Place tubes around the incoming water line and tape or tie in place. 

NOTE:  Comes in 1 or 2 pound bags -- select amount at top of page. Each pound contains about 1 1/3 cups -- more than enough to fill 6, 4-inch quartz crystal tubes. ER devices require 2 to 4 cups depending on size of enclosures.


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