Plocher Kat Whole Home Revitalizer - large

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Plocher Kat Whole Home Water Revitalizer (large)
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Plocher Kat Whole Home Water Revitalizer (large)
Revitalizes up to 400 gallons/day  
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The Plocher® Kat, developed in Germany, brings structure to water via resonance (including the resonances from natural spring water and oxygen) using energy accumulators and imprinting technology inspired by Wilhelm Reich. The unit works without magnetism or electricity and without traditional vortexing, and its restructuring action is permanent. The unit is easily attached to the water line (does not require plumbing ) and is maintenance free.  It can be installed on galvanized, stainless steel, copper or PVC pipes, but  should NOT be installed on lead pipes. It should never be immersed in water or subjected to water spray. This large model can be installed using a screwdriver on pipes from 3/4" to 2" in diameter and can revitalize up to 400 gallons per day.
Size: 11 X 5 X 2 inches

NOTE: For best results, it is highly recommended that the PlocherKat be accompanied by one or two EMF Protection angles (see accessories - below) to protect water from transient electrical interference, often referred to as "dirty electricity".

What others are saying about the Plocher Kat:
I use the Plocher catalyzer in the kitchen and it’s fascinating to see how the water from the kitchen faucet is different than the water from the rest of the apartment! The water from the kitchen is softer and has no taste, compared to the water from the bathroom that always leaves an aftertaste in my mouth. It’s a simple solution with instant results, and I don't fill up my recycling bin with empty plastic jugs!  -- C.M. Montreal (Quebec)

I was rather skeptical, and I purchased the Plocher Kat water treatment more out of curiosity than by convinction. The results are most amazing for such a small device. Two weeks after its installation, my plumbing system was cleaned of its lime deposits and I began to enjoy drinking water again. The water is softer in the shower and has lost its odors, there are less residues from evaporation and the walls are easier to clean. In short, I made a good deal.  -- J.P. Montreal (Quebec)

I have the Plocher Kat installed after all the filtration devices on the cold water line, just before it splits to hot and cold. I do think the water feels softer, has a creamy consistency and is tasting better. I also see a difference in my house plants, they look healthier and seem to be growing faster.  And I feel better about all of my animals, dogs, cats, chickens and horses drinking the Plocher treated water. -- V.E. Barto, PA

Since I installed the Plocher catalyzer to vitalize my water, my cows refuse to drink non treated water. And there's no more need for a water softener! --  W.B. Dairy farmer, St-Sylvère (Quebec)