Primo H2

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Hydrogen supplement (90 capsules)
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Primo H2  - 
Hydrogen supplement (90 capsules/bottle)

Hydrogen is one of Nature’s best antioxidants—neutralizing free radicals and converting oxygen radicals to water. As the smallest and most mobile element, hydrogen moves quickly into cells and fluids. 

Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi discovered that the organs of the body are capable of storing significant amounts of hydrogen. However, as we age, the hydrogen in our organs becomes depleted and the body draws hydrogen from its most plentiful source—water inside our cells. No wonder aging is accompanied by a loss of water. When hydrogen is supplemented, many age-related symptoms can be reduced, cognitive functions may improve, pH balance is restored, and as you might expect, energy often improves. Read the article on hydrogen.

Primo H2 capsules are designed to release maximum concentrations of hydrogen inside the body.  They work with digestive acids to provide a slow, gentle release. Primo H2 includes a balanced blend of plant-based minerals. 

Take one or two capsules on an empty stomach up to 3 times a day.

Primo H2 Proprietary blend:
  • Activated magnesium carbonate It is well known that magnesium reacts with water to release hydrogen. The activated magnesium carbonate in Primo H2 also donates electrons in an acidic environment to release more hydrogen. The greater the acidity, the more hydrogen is released.  Primo H2 uses the acidity of the stomach to sustain the reaction.  
  • Aquamin F – Seaweed-derived minerals & trace minerals.
  • Selenium  –  well known to have antioxidant properties. It balances and supports the antioxidant properties of hydrogen for a full-bodied, hydrogen-based antioxidant formula.
  • Zinc - Supports a healthy immune system and protects the liver from damage due to toxins.