QELBY Quantum Energy Beneficial Microbes in Ceramic

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QELBY ceramic balls (set of 10) 15 mm diameter
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QELBY - Quantum Energy Beneficial Microbes in ceramic
(set of 10, 15 mm ceramic balls)

Beneficial organisms play a role in water purification and in the natural development of full-spectrum living water. The presence of beneficial microbes balances the water terrain (similar to balancing the microbial flora within the human body).  Their presence also brings Earth resonance to water—a missing factor in “empty” and treated water. 

QELBY ceramics are an ancient colony of microbes, encapsulated in clay. They are similar to the EM (effective microorganisms) discovered by Dr. Teruo Higa.  These organisms can survive severe conditions and temperatures which means they can be embedded in ceramics and survive the firing process. The geometry of the clay provides a protective enclosure; organisms survive in a dormant state. When hydrated and given adequate growing conditions, they awaken. Even though mature microbes are permanently embedded within the ceramic, they are able to populate their surrounding environment. Read more 

During rigorous testing, the QELBY microbial colony has shown great promise for amending soil and water. QELBY microbes add infrared wavelengths that bring natural structure to water; they draw in hydrogen (as protons), and attract photonic energy due to the presence of DNA. QELBY ceramics are a wonderful amendment where water will remain still for an extended period of time (overnight or longer) and a great way to help condition “empty” water (water without minerals). 

Add 3-5 ceramic balls to a water bottle, pitcher or other water container and leave overnight or longer. May be used in aquariums and in the soil of potted plants. Good for continual use up to 2 years - then retire to a compost pile or potted plant.