Quartz Crystals (set of 2; natural unpolished)

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Natural, quartz crystals (1-1.5 inches in length ; set of 2)
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Quartz Crystals (set of 2) approximately 1 inch length
Quartz crystals amplify energy--an ideal way to imprint water with any energetic pattern. Quartz crystals also structure water via epitaxy (see Chapter 12 of Dancing with Water: second edition) and they bring in the resonance of the Earth. Use a quartz crystal in the bottom of your water bottle to keep water structured or use them as a set to imprint (add information) to water (see Chapter 14 of Dancing with Water).These thin quartz crystals are double terminated (with a point on each end) are ideal for imprinting water.
Note: We will do our best to match crystals as a set.