Quartz Platonic Solids (One set of 5)

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Platonic solids made of quartz
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Platonic solids - quartz 
Approximate size 1/2 inch
Platonic solids introduce water to the creative geometries that underlie all life. Based on golden ratio proportion, the platonic solids carry the patterns used at all levels of creation. They are the blueprints of our fractal universe. When placed in or around water, they help bring coherent structure to water and they amplify water's ability to hold information.

When placed in water, the resonance of platonic solids unites water molecules and brings coherence. Water will stay structured longer, ts unified field is stronger and the water has a greater ability to resist degradation. Not only does water that has been treated with platonic solids maintain its structure longer, it also holds information better and longer.  You might say that it stabilizes the information in water.  These are ideal for making flower essences, gem elixirs, and homeopathic remedies.

Water made using the platonic solids carries an abundance of photons that interact with DNA for regenerative effects. It also has a light, smooth texture that results from a deep level of coherence.

How to use crystal platonic solids
Quartz platonic solids can be used in or around water. When placing them around a water vessel, it is best to use some sort of amplifier  (Tensor Ring, orgonite, triskelions) to carry their resonance into the water container. When using an ormus concentrate, place platonic solids inside the container and allow them to sit with the ormus overnight before consumption.

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