Quartz tube with silicone stoppers

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Quartz tube (5 in X 3/4 in) for adding energetic enhancements to water
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Quartz tube with silicone stoppers
Dimensions: 5 inch length; 3/4 inch outside diameter; 5/8 inch inside diameter. Made of quartz - not glass

Quartz amplifies energy. When quartz tubes are filled (with stones, paramagnetic materials,or other energetic substances) they structure and/or transfer frequencies to the water in which they are placed (or which they surround). Quartz tubes filled with paramagnetic material can structure and enhance the incoming water to your whole home. ( Read the article on paramagnetics and Earth resonance ) They can be placed in the bottom of a gravity filter or in a water dispenser.* Silicone stoppers are made of food grade silicone so tubes may be placed "in" or "around" water. Each tube holds 2 tablespoons.

Sold individually or in sets of 5 or 6.  Five tubes will surround a 1/2 inch water line. Six tubes surround a 3/4 inch water line.  (click on small photos above)

Originally, the authors suggested paramagnetic sand could be used to fill copper tubes and surround the incoming water line. But metal tends to "dampen" the effects of magnetic materials. When one of our readers suggested we consider quartz tubes, we had some made and began to experiment. Not only is the effect much greater, but less is necessary to dynamically effect the water -- even if your water pipes are metal.  

Placing tubes filled with stones or frequency-based attributes in water is a great way to "imprint" water and make your own personal remedies. (see photos above)

Quartz is breakable, so quartz tubes should not be used in applications where they will be regularly disturbed.

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