Replacement Mineral Basket for Duet Water Revitalizer

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Replacement Mineral Basket for the Duet Water Revitalizer
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Replacement Mineral basket and spinner (for the Duet Water Revitalizer)

The Duet Mineral basket includes 3 different components as outlined below. The combination provides ionic minerals, helping to balance waters pH, while providing negative ions to lower the ORP (oxidation-reduction potential), and far infrared wavelengths that sustain waters life-supporting qualities. Beyond being structured, the resulting water is highly energized.

1.     Prills are made of magnesium oxide. Prior to their use in the Duet mineral basket, they are kiln dried to improve resiliency. Prills loosen the molecular structure of water, breaking bonds in less organized water in preparation for the creation of the liquid crystalline matrix. Prills also release tiny amounts of magnesium as the water spins. This slightly alkalizes the water and results in a greater amount of both hydrogen and oxygen in the water to be consumed.

2.     Ceramic Tourmaline Balls are a combination of red clay and tourmaline from Brazil. They are fired to provide a homogenous unit (ball) with the properties of clay and tourmaline. Clay carries the frequencies of numerous minerals which are released in the water as the water spins. It is also a highly organized layered matrix that supports the developing crystalline matrix in the water. Tourmaline carries far infrared wavelengths considered by some to be the frequencies of life. Tourmaline has many interesting properties. It is the only mineral that exhibits permanent electricity, no matter how many times it is cut or broken. This adds the element of piezoelectricity as the water spinsbalancing the magnetic forces used to structure the waterjust as in nature.

3.     Ceramic Ion Balls are a combination of proprietary minerals and white clay. They release a predominance of negatively-charged minerals and other ions as the water spins. This provides a more negative ORPthe equivalent of antioxidant water.

The Duet is equipped with a counter to let you know when your mineral basket needs to be replaced (after every 3500 minutes of use, or approximately once a year if you make 1 batch of water every day). The display panel on the front will flash CC as an indicator to change the basket. After replacing the mineral basket, remember to reset the counter by following the instructions provided with the mineral basket.