Shower of Life Vortex Water Revitalizer (VWR)
Shower of Life Vortex Revitalizer

Shower of Life Vortex Water Revitalizer (VWR)

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The Shower of Life VWR attaches to your shower prior to the showerhead to structure the water for every shower.
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Shower of Life Vortex Water Revitalizer (VWR) made of stainless steel 316
The Shower of Life VWR uses a twisting motion in addition to internal spiral flow-form dynamics to bring water back to life.  This simple movement rapidly structures and revitalizes water. . . .and the water that goes down the drain is also energized so you are giving something back to Mother Nature. The Shower of Life is a one-time installation (5-minutes). 
In addition to structuring, the Shower of Life has a softening effect on water. It does not remove hard water minerals; the minerals just behave differently.  The process can have a dramatic effect on existing deposits within plumbing. Your shower fixtures will be easier to clean, and depending on the quality of your water, you may also notice that you require less soap and shampoo.
The Shower of Life is perfect for apartment dwellers and renters. It is easily installed by screwing  onto the shower outlet, and it can be easily removed. Nice for travel too.
Many people report improvements in skin, hair and nails after the installation of a Shower of Life VWR (softer, smoother, more hydrated skin; less brittle hair and nails - see testimonials below).
VWRs are not water filters and they should not be counted on to remove contaminants. However, they have been shown to reduce some bacteria and contaminants, including E Coli, coliform, chlorine and nitrates. The VWRs internal spiral flow form causes implosive forces to release heavy gasses like chlorine. 
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”I can never thank you enough, I do not have any more trouble with my skin since I installed the Shower of Life VWR! I no longer have any itching and the red spots on my skin have disappeared as well as some other spots. Now I have baby skin! Even experts and medical doctors could not find out what my skin problems were. Better late than never! After 20 years of various problems because of our water, I am healed. Thank you for the Vortex Water Revitalizer! “  Ema Soriano; Paris, France
”I bought my first Vortex Water Revitalizer about 4 years ago. My oldest son, who, for some time, had had problems with eczema, had been living away from home for a few months. In that period of time, his skin cleared up. When he moved back home, the eczema returned. The only thing that we could think of that was different was the water. There was well water at the place he had been living, and filter, so we figured that showering with the chlorinated water was causing the problem. I ordered the whole house unit. As soon as we had it installed, the condition of my son’s skin improved dramatically. Several months later, he moved into an apartment building, which also had chlorinated water so I bought the shower unit for him. That way he could take it with him wherever he moved. He would also be able to get his drinking water from this unit. The taste of the water was so much better that before long, several of the other tenants were coming to get their drinking water from him. I have since given information about your product to others as I feel it is a wonderful solution for improving the quality of our water! “ AB; Nova Scotia, Canada
”My wife, my son aged 8 months and myself moved to a new place some weeks ago. When we arrived, we noticed that the water at the tap was very hard. A few days later, I started to have more dandruff. It was worse for my wife and son that had itches and patches all over their body after the shower. As we couldn’t install a water softener on the main line, I bought the Shower of Life VWR. First I was a bit skeptical but my doubts have quickly gone away. Itches and patches disappeared after the first shower. Three weeks later I had no dandruff anymore. We have also used revitalized water for cooking. The rice and pasta are much better and firmer. The rice also stays eatable for 4 or 5 days, as it used to be spoiled less than 24 hours after cooking with our ordinary tap water. I drink revitalized water everyday. The taste reminds me of the natural water I used to drink in my parents’ home in the mountains of the Vosges, many years ago. I feel that I have more energy and fewer stomachaches. The VWR has really changed our lives. I don’t use soap anymore when I take showers because revitalized water leaves my skin soft and clean better than ever. I think everybody should have a VWR at home because it makes life healthier in an ecological way.“ Franck Guilbert, France