Shungite sphere (3 cm, unpolished)

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Shungite sphere (3 cm unpolished) From the Zazhoginsky deposit in Karelia, Russia
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Shungite sphere (3 cm unpolished)
The sphere is a sacred geometric form.  It is the ultimate expression of unity and completeness with no point having greater or lesser importance. Everything from atoms, to planets and star systems echoes the spherical pattern of total inclusion, acceptance, and full potential.

Anything in spherical form radiates its energy in greater harmony and balance. When stones are shaped in their spherical form, their energy is radiated in a fine, even waveform from the center of the sphere. Their influence is similar to a gentle mist that permeates evenly and completely.

While elite/noble shungite has a higher concentration of carbon (and fullerenes), it is brittle and does not lend itself to cutting and shaping. Black (non-elite) shungite can be very therapeutic when shaped in spherical form.  Its energetic qualities are activated or  “turned on” in water as the spherical form quickly fills the water matrix with the patterns and codes for balance and harmony . Within a few minutes, structured water treated with a shungite sphere is ready to drink.

Water that has been treated using spherical shungite is similar, in many ways, to the Bach Flower Remedy known as Rescue Remedy.  It carries a serene quality that helps align the chakras, relieve stress, and allow a person to connect to a higher state of awareness.  Water treated with spherical shungite is wonderful prior to meditation. Spherical shungite cleanses and harmonizes the energetic body, (emotional, mental, spiritual) raising the ability to cope with stress, to release emotional turmoil and to enter higher states of consciousness. 

These spheres are NOT polished so polishing compound does not contaminate the water. They will shed carbon for a while after purchase but this does not affect their ability to support water (it is similar to water going through a carbon filter). 

How to use a shungite sphere
• Place  one shungite sphere in a quart of structured water and allow to sit for 10-15 minutes. Drink to relieve stress, to balance the energetic body, and to initiate a serene state of mind.
• Place a sphere in your water bottle – or in a pitcher or storage container.
• Place a sphere in your pocket (it may leave a carbon residue on clothing and hands as it sloughs off carbon during initial use).

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