Standard Vortex Water Revitalizer (VWR)
Standard Vortex Revitalizer

Standard Vortex Water Revitalizer (VWR)

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the Standerd VWR is plumbed into your water line and uses vortex flow dynamics to structure the water as it enters your home.
Part Number: VO-2003,04,05
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Standard Vortex Water Revitalizer
Vortex Water Revitalizers (VWRs) use flow-form dynamics to bring the life back to the water in your whole home. Standard VWRs split the incoming water and send it through a double spiraling vortex. This simple movement structures and revitalizes the water throughout your whole home. Water for the kitchen, shower, and garden are all revitalized . . .and the water that goes down the drain is also energized so you are giving something back to Mother Nature. VWRs are a one-time installation on your incoming water line (15-minutes for a plumber).  There is nothing to replace – ever. 
You can also add the influence of magnetics by attaching quartz tubes filled with paramagnetic sand. See related items below. Read the article on paramagnetics
In addition to structuring, VWRs have a softening effect on water. They do not remove hard water minerals; the structuring that occurs as water passes through a VWR causes minerals to behave differently. Mineral conglomerates that are too large to be held within the structure of the water “fall out” leaving a silt-like residue in water that sits for any length of time, rather than forming scale. The process can have a dramatic effect on existing deposits within plumbing—and noticeable benefits in coffee makers, dishwashers, hot water heaters, evaporative coolers and air conditioners. Don’t be surprised if, after the installation of a VWR, you notice flakes of old scale being sloughed off from inside your plumbing. Your kitchen and bathroom fixtures will be easier to clean, and depending on the quality of your water, you may also notice that you require less soap and detergent for dishwashing, laundry, and shower. (see testimonials below)
In the shower:    Many people report improvements in skin, hair and nails after the installation of a VWR (softer, smoother, more hydrated skin; less brittle hair and nails). Improved water quality also requires less soap, shampoo and conditioner.
In the Kitchen:    Water treated with a VWR has been noted to improve the taste and freshness of fruits and vegetables washed before storage in the refrigerator.
For plants and soil:    Houseplants, fruit, vegetables, lawns and trees will thrive on water treated with a VWR. Numerous reports document the transformation of soil in time. (see testimonials below)
Contaminants:    Although VWRs are not water filters and they should not be counted on to remove contaminants, they have been shown to reduce some bacteria and contaminants, including E Coli, coliform, chlorine and nitrates. The VWRs internal spiral flow form causes implosive forces to release heavy gasses like chlorine, and nitrates which leave the water as it exits the tap.

Three sizes  to fit your incoming water line (remember to select a size when ordering): 

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1 inch - 698.00
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”About a year ago I moved into this new 20 year old home with a drilled well, and did notice the smell of the water and also noticed how the bathtub, toilets and sinks were very yellow. The only way I could get the bathroom clean was by using Salts of Lemon crystals weekly and always used a harsh cleaner between the use of the crystals. This worked but did not last. We renovated the house and put in a new kitchen and new WHITE fixture bathrooms, where we were told that we would need a water system to keep things white otherwise we were crazy getting everything in white, and even the dishwasher they were telling us that we should have stainless steel due to the build-up we were having. Then I heard about the World Living Water Systems and initially thought it was too expensive for just a piece of 'pipe' and was thinking of installing a Water Softening System, but for some unknown reason we decided to go with the Standard Vortex Water Revitalizer 3/4“ diameter pipe. To install it, the water system had to be totally shut off, done, now the water system turned on, to our amazement no water was coming out of the faucets, the toilets would not flush and bath faucet would run very slowly (black ugly water). Worried now that something we did caused other problems, we called a plumber and explained the situation. His recommendation was to take the screens off the faucets. Well, they were totally blocked with gunk. We let all taps in the house run for 1/2 hour to flush all out. Since the installation we found that the water tastes great, the kettle has no build up in it, the bathrooms are still a sparkling white. I use absolutely NO harsh cleaners at all. The dishwasher is still white inside and I used maybe 2 1.8 liters of laundry soap since Christmas, and I have no need for fabric softener. About 8 months after I moved to this new home my hairdresser, whom I have had for many years, asked me what has happened to my hair. The only explanation I had then was the hard water we had. With the installation of the World Living Water System my hair is soft, shines, has more body and life to it and again noticed by my hairdresser. My skin is softer and you use less soap, be whatever it is laundry, dish, shampoo, conditioner it is really amazing. About a month ago we needed to do more plumbing and had to turn the water supply off, did the work and turned the water supply back on again and this time there was no build up in the faucets and the water, when turned back on and running, was clear. My husband actually commented then saying ”This thing truly works. Otherwise the water would have been black when turned back on“. So my husband and I are totally convinced. My children even commented that this is a must for every home.“ Frances Quin,  Ontario, Canada

”We are noticing a huge difference. Not only did the flowers come to life on the north side of our house; but they have amazing colors! My Geranium flowers had died off and have come back and re-bloomed - they have never done that for me before! I have one of the nicest flowerbeds in the area now, and I am getting compliments for it where I never have had compliments before - both for flower, color and growth.
Our Strawberries are "Ever-bearing" (until first frost). Usually, over the past years we have picked a few handfuls a week all through the summer. After installing the VWR the first time was a handful, the second was 1 1/2 cups, the third time was about 6 cups of strawberries! We have had this strawberry bed for at least 10 years and never had yields like this before ever! We are also using this water on the garden and find that it is better than rainwater for making the plants grow!
We are drinking more water because it really tastes good, I personally don't usually care for the taste of city water. The cat is actually drinking water on her own now too! The Vet had us mixing water into her food because she was dehydrated - not anymore.“  Kasandra Tanner; Saskatchewan, Canada
"I just wanted to give you some initial feedback on the Whole House Vortex Water Revitalizer, that we installed at our well several months ago, in early Spring 2008. In addition to installing the VWR, we also installed a drip system around our acre of property, which has been populated with literally several hundred of trees, bushes, vines, planted and flowers. The results are absolutely remarkable! We've been on the property for 4 years. We started planting almost immediately after we arrived. The earth was pretty barren at the time, although redwood stumps surrounded the property and dried weeds were in abundance. When we first started planting, it took a long time for newly planted things to get acclimated and to really start to grow. Since installing the VWR, however, things have taken off within a day or two of putting them in the ground!  Rose bushes that were planted just a couple of months ago are producing beautifully large and fragrant flowers. Rhododendrons that were planted this Spring have taken off with unbelievable growth. Bushes that we've had in the ground for 4 years bloomed flowers this year for the first time ever. Our Tower of Jewels grew to over 15 feet this Spring. The leaves on many of our bushes and trees are larger this year than they've ever been. The trees are growing noticeably taller and thicker as if by the day. The number and variety of birds that we're seeing this summer has increased exponentially. And, the water tastes great! I am drinking more water than I ever have before and there is a vibrancy in the taste that surpasses the taste that I grew to love from my well water when I first moved here. I am delighted with the results of the VWR and a definite believer in its effectiveness. I am extremely grateful that you are making available the VWR, which has the potential to contribute in such profound ways to the healing of living things on Planet Earth."  Lisé Hamilton, Crescent City, California

4 years later  (Dec. 2012)  Lisé Hamilton writes again...
“I am no soil scientist, but here's what I can tell you about the transformation of this property since moving here in June of 2004. There are about twelve old growth redwoods that were cut down and in various stages of secondary growth. This soil has a reputation of being very acidic and inhospitable to many other things but ferns and a few other green plants that grow in the forest. Although I'm not growing flowers in the vicinity of the Redwoodson the property, I am growing several other ferns, bushes and plants that are thriving. Nothing was growing around that area when I first moved here. There were large portions of the land that were virtually impenetrable red clay. It didn't matter how much we watered pre-Vortex Water Revitalizer. The water was not absorbed and growing was a challenge. Now, all of that dirt is dark brown, has a very healthy population of worms and is growing all manner of trees and bushes. The ground is lush, as is the vegetation.
Winters here are mostly rainfall, so I turn off the drip system during the winter. However, because of the transformation of the earth since using the Vortex Water Revitalizer, many more things continue to grow in the winter rather than going into a dormant state like they used to in the early years. The first couple of summers before we installed the vortex, we had to water every day for hours just to keep things alive. Now, during the spring and summer, when I turn the drip system back on with the VWR, each area gets far less water every other day for between 15 minutes and 1/2 hour at the most. I don't believe that any area that wasn't already dripped required additional watering for the last 3 summers at least - that's how effectively saturated the soil now is. Of course, having healthy trees and bushes helps tremendously, but even in the areas that have weeds, and they are plentiful because the property is way too planted to effectively weed...yet... the ground has been transformed in the manner described.
The results are cumulative. Each year, the gardens have become more naturalized even though what is planted is far from being "native" to this area. I'm growing flowering fruit trees, rhododendrons, ornamental maples, hydrangea, roses, wisteria, large maples, an empress tree that each year flowers more and more and has grown into a huge tree in the 5 years that it's been in the ground, all kinds of bamboo -- even timber bamboo that started out about half the diameter of a dime and is now larger than the diameter of a half dollar, Aurelia, and many other specimens.  The garden does not look like it's 5-7 year old. It looks like the specimens have been here for closer to 15-20 years, so say others. I walk in the garden each day and allow myself to take in the health and majesty of its inhabitants. It keeps me full of gratitude and appreciation for Nature and its healing powers. I am, indeed, very blessed, and I believe the vortex to be an integral part of what has evolved on this land. ...The VWR is most certainly part of the New Earth that so many of us, each in our own way, is striving to co-create and be a collective part of.  Warmest regards,”  Lisé

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