Tensor Ring - Silver

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Tensor Ring (solid silver) measures approximately 2 inches in diameter
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Tensor Ring - Silver (2 inch; 99.99% pure silver)

 Introducing the NEW Silver Tensor Ring! -- made of pure, solid silver (no solder or flux used) 

Tensor Rings generate toroidal vortices with energetic properties similar to smoke rings. They also establish a column of energy that reaches for some distance on both sides of the ring. Watch the video below for more information on how Tensor Rings work. When Tensor Rings are made of solid silver wire, some additional possibilities emerge. 

For many years silver has been used to purify water. It has known oligodynamic (antimicrobial) properties. When solid silver wire is fashioned into a Tensor Ring, the resulting energetic field (several feet in all directions) is purifying, regardless of whether or not it is placed "in" water, and Its effects reach beyond the physical. Silver carries the frequencies of truth and awareness. On an emotional and spiritual level, it purges the blocks to these attributes. A 2-inch silver Tensor Ring can be used in a variety of ways:

1 - Hung from the spigot of a water dispenser, or placed over the opening of the Water Cradle (or similar), it supports the structure of the water and creates an expansive rarifying field that clears dense energetic patterns and brings refinement to water. Silver Rings can also be placed "in" water to neutralize many impurities, including bacteria, fungus, water treatment chemicals, etc. - this is why silver is often used in water filtration systems. Yet even without being placed in the water itself, silver Tensor Rings will neutralize many impurities, although the degree to which this  occurs is obviously dependent on the variety and amount of impurities present.

2 - Silver Tensor Rings can be used to make silver solutions - similar to colloidal silver - to support the immune system. When placed "in" water, a Tensor Ring has an electrolytic effect and causes tiny (often monoatomic) particles of silver to be released into the water. The longer it is left in water, the stronger the solution becomes. 
In our experience, 20-30 minutes (in a quart of water) is adequate for most individuals, however each person's needs and tolerances will be different. You can leave the Ring up to 24 hours for a strong silver solution. Drink 1/4 cup once a week to support the immune system; more can be taken during times of need and if more is taken, it may be best to work with a health professional to determine the best amount. 

3 - Silver Tensor Rings can be used to make your own ormus solution. Silver is an ormus element and when additional ormus elements (preferrably those found in bamboo salt) are added to water with a silver Tensor Ring, and allowed to incubate for 24 hours, a very balanced, high frequency ormus results. Making ormus in this way produces a product that is homeopathic in nature -- gentle and still potent. For those who find that traditional ormus is hard on their kidneys, this is a great alternative.


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