Tensor Ring (full cubit)

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Tensor Ring (full cubit) measures approximately 6.5 inches in diameter
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Tensor Ring (full cubit length)
Introducing the NEW Earth Resonance Tensor ring! (see below)
Tensor Rings generate torroidal vortices similar to a smoke ring. They also establish a tensor field across the opening of the ring, much like the thin film that stretches across a loop when it is removed from a soapy solution. Tensor Rings create a column of energy that reaches for some distance on both sides of the ring. The energetic column organizes the space within the column. This includes organizing the molecular structure of water. When water is passed through a Ring, its molecular structure also becomes more organized. The longer it sits inside the column, the more refined the structure becomes. Tensor Rings also have an extremely high paramagnetic value, capable of spinning the ORMUS elements into their high spin state. This enhances the energetic value of water and helps it to hold its structure. A full cubit Tensor Ring is made of copper wire
 that is folded back on itself and twisted, then joined with bronze solder. The diameter of the new Earth Resonance Tensor Ring is approximately 6.5 inches.

NOTE: The Tensor Rings sold by Dancing with Water are based of the new Earth Resonance cubit length (19.65 inches) identified by the authors in 2015. Tensor Rings made using this measurement are tuned to the Earth’s central core and to the Earth’s natural energy field.  They re-connect water (and anything placed in their energetic field ) to the core energy of the Earth. This cubit length is extremely grounding and protective for water.