Tourmaline balls (3 oz. bag)

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Tourmaline (3 oz. in an organza bag)
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Ceramic Tourmaline Balls (3 oz. bag)

Ceramic Tourmaline Balls are a combination of red clay and tourmaline. They are fired to provide a homogenous unit (ball) with the properties of clay and tourmaline. Clay carries the frequencies of numerous minerals. It is also a highly organized, layered matrix that supports water’s crystalline structure. Tourmaline carries far infrared (FIR) wavelengths considered to be the frequencies of life.  FIR (particularly the wavelengths between 4 and 16 microns) resonate with water. These wavelengths activate water molecules which carry FIR frequencies deep into the body, improving circulation and metabolic functions. Drinking water treated with tourmaline prepares the body to receive nourishment. It also supports the body’s ability to release toxins and wastes. Tourmaline has many interesting properties. It is the only mineral that exhibits permanent electricity, no matter how many times it is cut or broken. This adds the element of piezoelectricity as water moves (for more information on the effects of piezoelectricity on water, see the book, Dancing with Water).

Tourmaline balls are approximately 3 mm in diameter, Numerous small balls expose a large surface area to the water. They are the same ceramic tourmaline balls used in the mineral basket of the Duet Water Revitalizer. Place a bag of ceramic tourmaline balls directly in a container of water (pitcher, water bottle, gravity water filter, etc.). 1, 3-oz bag will treat a gallon of water in several hours or overnight.

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