Triskelions (set of 2 copper triskelions )

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Triskelions (set of 2 copper triskelions -- 1 3/4 inches across)
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Triskelions (set of 2, cubit length (20.6 inch) copper triskelions -- 1 3/4 inches across)

The set of 2 triskelions includes 1 masculine triskelion and 1 feminine triskelion. Masculine triskelions are made of 12-gauge copper wire. Feminine triskelions are made with 3 strands of smaller gauge wire that are twisted together before winding in the triple spiral.

The triskelion or triskele (also known as the triple-spiral or “Spiral of Life”) is an ancient symbol with a powerful connection to water. Triskelions represent balance. When made of certain metals, they set up a bioelectric and biomagnetic energy flow based on mathematics and sacred geometry. They act as receivers and transmitters, with the ability to neutralize harmful energy, balancing Yin and Yang, (positive and negative; masculine and feminine) in almost any setting. Placed in or around water, they create energetic vortices that balance and bring crystalline structure to water.

Copper triskelions raise the vibration of water. They can be used alone or in conjunction with other structuring techniques outlined in the book, Dancing with Water. Triskelions can structure water within hours (depending on the size of the triskelion and on the size of the water container). The authors of Dancing with Water use triskelions everywhere: on water containers, on structuring devices, in their pockets, on/around plants, in the garden, etc. The authors discovered both a masculine and a feminine form of the triskelion. The masculine form imparts a stronger, more direct energetic influence while the feminine form has a more delicate energy flow. Either form will work independently. However, for maximum benefit, use triskelions in pairs.

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