Water Cradle with orgone energy base, Tensor Ring and shungite sphere

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combination of the Water Cradle, orgone energy base, full cubit Tensor Ring and shungite sphere
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The Water Cradle with orgone energy base, Tensor Ring and shungite sphere 

The Water Cradle combines the golden ratio (within the shape of the egg) with the energetic benefits of laminar crystal. This provides a unique way to refine water’s structure and to enhance its energetic potential. The egg is a primordial structure. It is Nature’s gestation vessel. The golden ratio, incorporated in the shaped of the egg, is the expression of the energy of creation. It is found everywhere in the realm of things that grow and unfold in steps—from the pattern of the seeds in a sunflower, to the spiraling pattern of a pine cone, a sea shell, or a galaxy. Within an egg-shaped clay vessel, water’s receptive potential is maximized. It reaches its most refined energetic state in perfect balance and equilibrium. This is because clay (and laminar crystal) allows water to breathe—which keeps water cool. Cool, dense water at the outer edges of an egg-shaped clay container sinks to the bottom, forcing warmer water to rise up the center. The process ensures constant cooling and it enhances the continual circulation of energy. No stagnant area exists. As water circulates, molecules assume a tightly packed, refined, crystalline network while gasses become quiet and latent. Hydrogen retreats into the molecular cages formed as water becomes a liquid crystal.

Crystalline materials are “tuned,” like radio receivers, to pick up specific frequencies. Mica and laminar crystal pick up many life-supporting frequencies and radiate them for the benefit of everything in the surrounding area. Laminar crystal can store a tremendous amount of energy which results from millions of multi-directional layers resonating together. The elements in laminar crystal are maintained in a high spin state referred to as ormus. Laminar crystal excites individual elements in water and heightens their energetic potential. It brings structure, life force, and hydrogen to water. Read more about laminar crystal It is ideal when used in combination with ocean salts. Together, these bring the full-spectrum of life-supporting energies to water. The resulting water is highly receptive. Read more about using an egg-shaped vessel.
The Water Cradle holds approximately 6.5 cups of water.

Water Cradle Base
Like the Water Cradle, the base is handmade. Ingredients include: iron oxide powder, copper powder, muscovite mica, shungite powder, paramagnetic sand -- also with gold and silver leaf and other components, made in an organic resin with a triskelion embedded in the center. The newly designed base measures 5 inches in diameter and is 1 inch deep; it now includes frankincense in the mix.  Weight 1 lb.

Orgone Energy devices are layers of metal and other inorganic materials encased in an organic resin for the purpose of dispelling negative energy. The term “orgone,” was coined by Wilhelm Reich in the 1940s. Reich discovered that by layering organic and inorganic materials, life force energy (orgone) could be concentrated. Orgone Energy devices are a modern way of concentrating life force. The mixture has a powerful ability to neutralize negative energy and transform it through re-organization. It is used to protect environments from electromagnetic frequencies, power lines, microwaves, cell towers, geopathic stress and other forms of disruptive energy. Depending on its size and the materials used for construction, orgone energy devices can protect a room, a home, or an even larger area. They also structure water; attract life force, and protect/enhance water’s liquid crystalline matrix. When used in conjunction with the Water Cradle, full-spectrum living water results in 2-3 hours (depending on the quality of the source water). The longer water sits, the more energetically refined it becomes. The unique combination of laminar crystal and golden ratio geometry in the Water Cradle, with the base, Tensor Ring and shungite sphere, taps into the creative forces of the universe. When used with love and gratitude, this combination brings in the fundamental blueprint for creation which is intended to be carried in water.

Tensor Ring (full cubit length)
Each Water Cradle combination comes with a full cubit Earth Resonance Tensor Ring.
According to Slim Spurling and others, Tensor Rings generate torroidal vortices similar to a smoke ring. They establish a tensor field across the opening of the ring, much like the thin film that stretches across a loop when it is removed from a soapy solution. Tensor Rings create a column of energy that reaches for some distance on both sides of the ring. The energetic column organizes the space within the column. This includes organizing the molecular structure of water. When water is passed through a Ring, its molecular structure also becomes organized. The longer it sits inside the column, the more refined the structure becomes. Tensor Rings also have an extremely high paramagnetic value, capable of spinning the ormus elements into their high spin state. This enhances the energetic value of water and helps it to hold its structure. A full cubit Tensor Ring is made of copper wire 19.65 inches in length (the new Earth Resonance cubit length identified by the authors). The diameter of a full cubit Tensor Ring is approximately 6.5 inches. It fits in a depression of the "original" base and is placed "around" the NEW base. Read more about Tensor rings.

Shungite sphere (3 cm unpolished)
The sphere is a sacred geometric form. It is the ultimate expression of unity and completeness with no point having greater or lesser importance. Everything from atoms, to planets and star systems echoes the spherical pattern of total inclusion, acceptance, and full potential. Anything in spherical form radiates its energy in greater harmony and balance. When stones are shaped in their spherical form, their energy is radiated in a fine, even waveform from the center of the sphere. Their influence is similar to a gentle mist that permeates evenly and completely. Shungite can be very therapeutic when shaped in spherical form. Its energetic qualities fill the water matrix with the patterns and codes for balance and harmony. Read more about shungite.
Shungite spheres are made of regular shungite (not elite).  from Karelia, Russia.

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