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Handheld water flow form for making structured water
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Availability: More arriving end of November 2020
The WaterFall -- a handheld water flow form 
Comes with a 1 pound bag of tumbled clear Brazilian quartz 

The WaterFall is a handcrafted flow form made of stoneware and paramagnetic sand. It incorporates golden ratio proportion and is intended to be filled with natural crystals and stones to enhance water’s structure as it flows through the enclosure. Flow forms emulate Nature. They create the "space" for water to move freely, creating interacting vortices that encourage coherent molecular organization – the way Nature creates liquid crystalline water. 

Water that passes through is exposed to countless magnetic interchanges – a result of the paramagnetic sand in the ceramic. Spinning water molecules and ions in the water, form multiple vortices in golden ratio harmonics (this happens when water is allowed to move freely without a contrived path). 

What goes inside the WaterFall? 
The WaterFall comes with a 1 lb bag of tumbled clear quartz – to which you can add your own stones if you want. Adding your own stones gives you the ability to create unique water specifically for you or for your family – with the energetics that will support your personal growth. 

How does the WaterFall work?
Flow forms —creating multiple vortices

The vortex is Nature’s mechanism for increasing the quality of energy from a lower to a higher level. A vortex is Nature’s finest creative/organizing force. Vortices are the result of a self-organizing flow where a substance rotates around its own axis with a decreasing radius. The speed of rotation increases toward the center where a sub-pressure forms. 

The self-organizing nature of vortices is a significant factor in the creation of structured/liquid crystalline water. As water flows, each obstacle causes water to curl back on itself – forming a vortex . When left alone, water always creates multiple, interacting vortices; they help to purify and energize water; they help maintain water’s perfect temperature (4°C); and they bring about coherent structure.

The WaterFall is made of stoneware (clay)
Clay carries the resonance of the Earth and many of her minerals. The Schumann resonance (the background frequency of the Earth) provides a background resonance that influences many biological functions. It is known to synchronize brain waves, balance circadian rhythms, improve performance, and balance hormones. Within the enveloping influence of this frequency, all life on Earth developed. Earthenware and quartz provide this resonance and many harmonics, effectively  “grounding” water.

Magnetics from paramagnetic sand
Paramagnetic materials are weakly attracted to a magnet. When brought near water, the collective force from millions of individual rock particles (each one a tiny magnet) generates a non-polar magnetic field that brings structure to water. Paramagnetic materials also ionize many of the minerals in water and spin others into their ormus state. The paramagnetic sand embedded in the ceramic of the WaterFall comes from volcanic basalt and has a strong paramagnetic value between  8,000 and 9,000 µCGS. Read more about paramagnetic materials

Quartz Stones
Quartz has been used for centuries to improve the attributes of water. It is even used today in many filtration systems to improve the quality of water. This is possible because quartz crystals have the same molecular geometry as  water. They are capable of transferring their structural patterns to water via epitaxy.  Quartz also emits piezoelectric current in water – another way of generating water’s basic structure. When epitaxy and piezoelectricity supplied by quartz combine with vortices and the natural magnetic field, supplied by paramagnetic particles, coherence is established as water moves. It is one of Nature’s ways of providing structured water for the planet.

Begin with contaminant-free water – balanced with unprocessed salts. Pour water through between 3 and 10 times. One time through, completely changes the water, allowing it to release old patterns and to develop greater molecular coherence. However, several times further enhances the water. You can drink it right away or let it mature in a holding vessel.

7.5 inches X 3 inch diameter. Weighs under 2 lbs when full of stones.

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