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QELBY Quantum Energy Beneficial Microbes in Ceramic  QELBY Quantum Energy Beneficial Microbes in Ceramic
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Quartz tube with silicone stoppers
Blue Topaz non-irradiated; tumbled
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Rose Quartz; 2 pieces
4 oz. Blue glass dropper bottle
Activated Salt Blend
Activated Salt Blend with blue glass dropper bottle
Adya Clarity 16 oz. water purification solution
Adya Clarity 32 oz. water purification solution
ANCHI Crystals; 1.5 oz. in 3 X 4 inch blue velvet pouch
ANCHI Crystals; 6 oz. in 4 X 6 inch blue velvet pouch
Aquamarine (set of 2 stones)
Azumar (set of 2 polished stones (approx. 3/8 inch size roughly cubic)
Bamboo Salt 60 grams Purple 9X (Insan Ultimate Strength)
Bamboo Salt; 240 grams; Purple 9X (Insan Ultimate strength)
Blue Glass Water Bottle (3/4 liter - 750 ml)
Blue Topaz non-irradiated; tumbled
Crystal Energy (4 oz. bottle)
Dancing with Water - second edition - 40% new material!
EMF Protection Angle
Flaska glass water bottle (comes in .5 and .75 liter size with cork protective sleeve)
Harmonic Creation Field Trio (a set of 3 Tensor Rings)
Hexagonal Water: The Ultimate Solution
Introductory Kit #1
Introductory Kit #2
Kitchen Vortex Water Revitalizer (VWR)
Laminar Crystal Egg-shaped container (The Water Cradle)
Laminar Crystal Orbs (Set of 3)
Maifan Stone (1/2 pound)
Melipona Bee CD
Mineral of Life (8 oz.)
Miron Violet Glass water bottle (1 Liter )
OmniBlue Ocean Minerals
Orgonite Charging Plate
Orgonite Water Cradle Base
Ormus Dance of Light
Paramagnetic Blend
Plocher Kat Whole Home Revitalizer - large
Plocher Kat Whole Home Revitalizer - small
Prills (3 oz. organza bag)
Primo H2
QELBY Quantum Energy Beneficial Microbes in Ceramic
Qlarivia; Deuterium-depleted Water (25 ppm) 6-pack
Quartz Crystals (set of 2; natural unpolished)
Quartz Platonic Solids (One set of 5)
Quartz tube with silicone stoppers
Replacement cork cap for Flaska
Replacement Mineral Basket for Duet Water Revitalizer
Replacement Pitcher and Lid for the Duet Water Revitalizer (BPA_Free)
River of Life Vortex Water Revitalizer (VWR)
Shower of Life Vortex Water Revitalizer (VWR)
Shungite (Elite/Noble) 30 grams
Shungite necklace
Shungite Oval Pendant
Shungite sphere (3 cm, unpolished)
Standard Vortex Water Revitalizer (VWR)
Tensor Ring (1/2 cubit)
Tensor Ring (full cubit)
Tourmaline balls (3 oz. bag)
Tribest DUET Water Revitalizer
Triskelions (copper - set of 4)
Triskelions (set of 2 copper triskelions )
Triskelions (set of 2 silver & gold-plated copper triskelions)
Vortex Magnetizer
Water Cradle with orgonite base, Tensor Ring and shungite sphere
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